"I have known both Jul and Leah Price as property managers for over 15 years. Nature Scapes, Inc. has been a vendor to Sharper Image since the company's inception in 1997. Their approach toward property management mirrors their dealings with the vendors: businesslike, professional, and fair."

Rick Upchurch

"As an attorney representing community associations, it is essential that my communication with an association's management company be timely and contain accurate information regarding an association's legal issues. Particularly, when I am pursuing the collection of delinquent owners' accounts, it is absolutely necessary that a manager keep accurate and clear owner records, as these will be scrutinized as evidence of the debt claimed owed. A manager must also facilitate the collection process by providing supporting documentary and testimonial evidence when necessary."

"Shaper Image does a wonderful job assisting its associations in working with our office. You keep excellent and accurate financial records and work proactively with us to successfully pursue delinquent accounts. Moreover, Sharper Image, as a liaison between an association and our office, provides practical and balanced analysis to its association of the issues and costs involved to achieve the best result in any legal situation an association may encounter. I very much enjoy working with Sharper Image and know that an association working with Sharper Image receives the assistance it needs in navigating through their legal matters."

Derek W. Johanson
Lazega & Johanson, LLC

"Before Sharper Image Management Consultants, Inc., our Condo Association was a source of l ong-term worries and constant problems in need of repair. After several years of failed attempts with different management companies to turn our association around, we finally found the direction our community needed in the excellent team of Sharper Image."

"With the Sharper Image team on our side through a major renovation, our association has become a thriving community for all, a positive economic investment and a place to call home. We at Garden Villas, have come a long way with their dedication and superior commitment to client services. Garden Villas looks forward to the increased enjoyment of our homes because of the dedication and care of the superior people that are Sharper Image Consultants, Inc.

Desiree Novajosky